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Pro Spot Quality Resistance Welders

ATI has been selling Pro Spot resistance welders since 2008. Pro Spot was established in 1986 and is an American Made company. When it comes to resistance welding, Pro Spot is the industry leader.

Today, Pro Spot offers a full line of welders:

  • MIG
  • Resistance
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

It’s All About Aluminum!

Ford pioneers an ALL aluminum body for the 2015 F-150

Aluminum Weld Station

  • All-in-One Al Dent Pulling System
  • AL-5 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder
  • Pull Bar
  • 110v utility panel
  • All Aluminum hammers and dollies


  • Self Piercing, Flattening, and removal
  • Non-Thermal joining process
  • Portable
  • 110v or 220v Auto Input Voltage charging

Smart Mig

  • Auto Switching between gas and settings
  • 5 welders in 1
  • Aluminum, Steel, Silicon Bronze and TIG
  • Set material thickness and start welding…IT’s THAT EASY

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