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Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) Paint Booths

ATI has been selling paint booths for over 30 years! We were one of the first distributors to introduce Downdraft paint booths to the market in the 1980’s. Back then they were Saico paint booths imported from Italy. In 2006, we began selling Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) paint booths. GFS is the largest U.S. Manufacturer of paint booths and offers a full line of booths and related equipment;

  • Spray boxes, spray walls
  • Paint booths
    • Crossflow
    • Side-draft
    • Semi-downdraft
    • Downdraft
    • Booths with or without heat
    • Industrial
    • Aircraft
  • Mixing rooms
  • Cure Ovens
  • Infra-Red Curing systems
GFS Professional Space Saver Downdraft with Axiom Controls

Over the past 32+ years, ATI has sold and installed HUNDREDS of paint booths in Missouri, Illinois and across the United States.

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