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Service Equipment Brands

Automotive Technology Inc., is your source for shop equipment with a wide selection of some of the best brands on the market today. We have over 30 years of experience helping auto shops large and small. If you’re replacing a piece of equipment, expanding or starting a new service center, we’re here to help. From lifts, alignment systems, balancers and heavy duty equipment we’ve got it all.

Not everyone understands the automotive equipment business so becoming your source for expertise and advice in the St. Louis area has been a point of pride for ATI. Even experienced shop owners have questions and a hard time knowing which piece of equipment is right for their service center.

Hunter Engineering

We have a wide selection of Hunter equipment including lifts, wheel balancers, alignment systems, tire changers, lathes & more! Hunter equipment is 100% made in the USA, durable and high quality.


Rotary makes vehicle lifts that withstand a number of certifications including ISO9001 and North American Lift Standards. Rotary is a trusted manufacturer of lifts.


Robinair makes A/C inspection, charging and recovery equipment. Good for electric, hybrid and standard vehicles, Robinair helps you find and fix vehicle A/C systems.


A leader in professional vehicle electronic diagnostic equipment, automotive fuel maintenance and a wide range of servicing tools and equipment, OTC provides solid tools for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Norco makes industrial lifting equipment, dollies, maintained kits, load levelers and jacks for heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars. A family owned business that makes tough products that handle the regular abuse of garage.


Champion makes auto lifts, wheel balancers, tire changers, rotisseries and more. With 25 years of experience and lift parts for major brands, they’re a strong supplier of equipment.