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In-Ground Lift Projects

ATI has installed over 300 Rotary In-Ground Lifts

Bommarito Honda, December 2008
Glendale Chrysler, July 2014

In 2007, ATI began marketing the Rotary in-ground lift. A revolutionary, environmentally friendly in-ground lift.

Since 2007, ATI has been involved in new service facilities for over 42 customers and has installed over 291 lifts!. ATI takes great pride in our involvement with these projects

With ATI as your equipment provider you get:

  • The best equipment at the best price.
  • An advocate for YOU, the customer, at all construction coordination meetings. This ensures that the equipment is installed on schedule and with no issues.
  • A Team of people committed to your project.
  • Quality installation, completed on-time and on-budget
  • Service after the Sale

Check out some of our projects below:

AmerenMO-(1) Mod35 70,000 pound capacity in-ground lift
Bommarito Honda – (16) in-ground lifts, flush mount scissor lift, Snap-On benches, exhaust
Bommarito Mazda –(8) in-ground lifts, 1 above ground lift
Bommarito VW- North County –(9) in-ground lifts, exhaust system
Bommarito VW-St. Peters – (9) in-ground lifts
Brian Wuebbels-(1) SL210 in-ground lift
Bud’s Paint and Body – (1) in-ground lift, (1) paint booth and mixing room…
Denny Ford – (1) in-ground lift, compressor and 18000# 2post
Dobbs-Chesterfield-(1) SL210 in-ground
Elco Cadillac – (11) in-ground lifts, Harvey in-ground exhaust, Graco lubrication
Firestone stores – (5) stores in St. Louis, excavate old lift and install new in-ground
Gary’s Auto Service-(2) SL210 in-ground lifts
Glendale Chrysler –(18) in-ground lifts, Harvey exhaust rail, Shure benches, Graco lubrication
Honda of Effingham-(9) in-ground lifts, Shure benches, overhead lubrication, overhead exhaust rail
Iron FordSparta Il – (4) in-ground lifts
Jim Trenary Chevrolet – (28) in-ground lifts, flush mount scissor lift…
Joe Machens Mercedes – (6) in-ground lifts, Snap-On benches, Graco lubrication
Joe Machens Toyota – (28) in-ground lifts, Snap-On Benches, Graco lubrication with Matrix
Joe Machens Volkswagen – (11) in-ground lifts, Snap-On benches, Graco lubrication with Matrix
Modern Imports – (6) in-ground lifts outside under carport installation
Mungenast Collision Assistance Center – (1) in-ground lift, (4) paint booths, frame racks……
Newbold BMW –(9) in-ground lifts, flush mount scissor lift, underground 9 port exhaust with Klinker tile floor, cabinet mounted air/lube reels
Newbold Toyota –( 6) in-ground lifts, Hunter flush mount scissor lift, lubrication
Riecher’s Tire – (8) in-ground lifts, 2 Hunter flush mount scissor lifts, Harvey exhaust rail
Riley Chevrolet Collision Center – (1) in-ground lift in their drive thru inspection bay
Riley Toyota – (13) in-ground lifts, Harvey exhaust rail, Snap-On benches, Graco lubrication
Schmidt Chevrolet-Mt Vernon, IL – (1) SL210i in-ground lift
SIU-C – (23) In-ground lifts installed at their new Transportation Education facility
St. Louis Community College-(3) SL210 in-ground lifts, Shockwaves
St. Louis Honda-(1) in-ground Shockwave lift
St. Louis Honda-(4) in-ground shockwave lifts, overhead lubrication, 30,000# four post lift
St.Charles Transportation Building-(2) SL212i in-ground lifts, (2) Mod30-60,000# cap. in-ground lifts
Sunset Ford – (6) in-ground lifts to replace 2post above grounds
Suntrup Hyundai -(2) in-ground future kits
Suntrup Nissan/VW – (2) in-ground lifts
Tristar Mercedes-(19) in-ground lifts, Snap On benches, overhead lubrication, in-ground exhaust
Wagner Motor Car Company – (18) in-ground lifts, underground 18 port exhaust…
Worldwide Automotive –(1) Replaced old in-ground with new Rotary in-ground

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