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Bulk Oil Tanks for oil, ATF, Washer Fluid

Does your repair facility sell over a hundred gallons of oil a month? That kind of volume requires bulk purchases of oil to get the best price.  All you need is a bulk oil tank, a pump and a dispensing meter.

In addition to buying oil in bulk the modern repair facility tries to maximize technician productivity. Having oil right in the technicians’ bay eliminates wasted walking to get oil.  Result is selling more Parts AND Labor!

ATI works with the tank manufacturer to get you exactly what you need.

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All you need is a pump to dispense oil at the tank.

An oil bar, centrally located, can provide a dispense point for all your technicians.

Overhead reels at each station provides on-demand oil for each technician right in their stall.

Want to know where every drop of oil goes in your facility?  Graco has a wireless management system that allows you control who and when technicians dispense oil.  Only authorized users can dispense oil.  Check out our lubrication page for more information.

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