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Have PVC airlines?

PVC pipe should not be used for pressurized airlines. PVC is not rated for pressures greater than 100psi.*
PVC used as air piping can rupture and send plastic projectiles throughout the shop. OSHA has issued numerous Bulletins on this subject.

Call ATI today to get a free estimate to replace your PVC airlines.

*ANSI/ASME 842.32, 842.43, 849.52(b), B31.8-1986

ATI can help with;

  • New build-airline design
  • Remodel-airline design/change
  • Fresh air- breathable air
  • Supplied air- breathable air

ATI designs and installs airline system. We use Aluminum, black pipe, galvanized pipe or copper for the airlines. Call us today at 800-875-8101 for a free quote.
ATI also sells compressors, dryers, filters, air hoses and hose reels.

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